Whole Home Remodels

Home remodeling can be one of the most important steps a home owner can take in keeping their biggest investment up to date. Functionality and curb appeal make up the key components to a successful home remodel. Addressing the right areas of your home at the right time can significantly increase the value of your home especially when you’re using a reputable and affordable contractor. It all starts with the home exterior.

The first thing anyone will see when looking at your house from the outside, will be the condition of your facade. What condition are your bricks in? Do they need to be replaced or do they simply need some updating? Do you have cracked concrete and need sidewalk repair? Hopefully you answered no to all of these questions! If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, don’t wait any longer.

What about the interior of your home? Chances are, you’ll spend more time inside your home than out. That being said, your outdated kitchen and bathroom can easily become an eyesore and lose functionality with time if not properly maintained. Remember, our customers have always come first, and always will be first. With so many kitchen and bathroom styles available today, our trained staff will sit down and listen to your every requirement and need before making a few recommendations for you to choose from. And when ready, you can be sure that Bret Slaton has all the solutions and expertise to fulfill all your home remodeling needs at an affordable price.